Fit For A King by Gerard Su

Fit For A King by Gerard Su


The Bible records for us in the gospel of Matthew how the wise men presented baby Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. What strange gifts indeed to give to a newborn baby! While there are many theories that try to explain why those gifts were given, one thing is certain – the wise men gave gifts that were fit for a king.

But what about us? What have we given to God that’s fit for the King? Are your faithful works a fragrant offering to God? Are your loving deeds a reflection of Christ’s love in your life? Are your acts of service pleasing to the Master who made it possible for you to serve Him?

Or is your walk with God a matter of convenience? Do you come to church so as to meet your weekly ‘quota’ of being a Christian (provided the church service does not clash with any of your more important appointments)? Do you ‘help out’ in a church ministry or church event so that you would appear to be ‘committed’ to the body-life of the church?

Those might be harsh but realistic questions that we must each ask ourselves; because friends, the life that you live for God must be one that is fit for Christ the King. Your giving and serving should not be from the leftover resources which God has so richly blessed you with. Take the account of the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44 for example. Jesus highlighted to his disciples that she had given out of her poverty, versus others who had given out of their wealth. Thus, instead of giving God our leftover time and energy, let us learn from the poor widow and give God our all and our best, to give Him that which is fit for a king.

So, how can we be serving God greater in the various ministries here in Living Praise? 
One of the biggest struggles many of us have when it comes to serving in a ministry is ‘unsuitability’ – we give reasons like “I’m not suited for this ministry” or “I’m unable to serve because of my schedule” to justify why we are not serving in church. Thus the first step we each need to take is to ask ourselves whether we are willing to serve; because as long as there’s a willingness to serve, all that remains is to identify the ministry in which you can serve at.

Each ministry in Living Praise will have different levels of commitment. Some might require you to have a skillset, e.g. playing a music instrument; some might require you to go for some training, e.g. learning how to teach the Bible; some might even require you to have ongoing on-the-job training, e.g. manning the sound system during service. Some ministries might require you to be on the ‘frontlines’, e.g. being an usher or befriender; some ministries allow you to be ‘behind the scenes’, e.g. setting up for lunch fellowship. However, regardless of where you serve, each ministry will have the same aim – the desire to glorify God by using the resources He has given us fully.

2016 is coming to an end. We celebrate Christmas in two weeks, followed by ushering in 2017. Many of us will start making resolutions and setting achievable goals, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But while you are at it, why not craft out a sizeable amount of time from your schedule to commit to God, and make 2017 a year where we serve God alongside one another by giving Him the best of our lives, for the King does deserve our very best.

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