Going to Malacca was my first time in March, not for recreation but for a mission trip….. by Ariel Christian

Going to Malacca was my first time in March, not for recreation but for a mission trip….. by Ariel Christian

Going to Malacca was my first time in March, not for recreation but for a mission trip. I never really knew much about mission trips before I went; but now I can say that a mission trip is where you go to a place and tell others about this awesome Jesus Christ you know!

I went there as a team with several Singapore Youth For Christ (YFC) staff along with my project servant friends back in March this year and overall it was a trip that was so revealing.We were there to conduct English supplementary classes in the form of drama and fun like songs, dance for the local primary school children, with the goal of inviting them to an evangelistic programme we would be running on the weekend of the same week we were there.

With my time there, I was completely stretched out of my comfort zone. I had to act, teach and dance with extra high energy and vigour so that I could really connect with the kids. If you know me as a person, I’m not really all that hyper so it was really hard for me; but with God’s strength it was made possible. Although I was out of my comfort zone, what kept me going was bearing in mind that I was not doing this for the sake of being popular with the kids; I was doing it to get to know them more and be able to invite them for the evangelistic event of Saturday. Pride and laziness are such heavy clothing to throw off; I really had to depend on God to put aside my more comfortable cool state and go all out to be relevant to the kids over there; of course, seeking Him on how I go about doing that as I totally had no idea, given my almost zero experience of interacting with little kids.

Also it was not easy working as a team when we were all tired and might not be on our best temperament. However, in the trip it was so evident that we were living in Jesus’ love, bearing with one another especially when we made mistakes. We were also able to openly and lovingly correct and encourage one another. We even learnt to look out for one another when we travelled as a team as it really meant that we had to move as a team. One of our friends fell sick and that night we gathered to pray for her, asking the Lord for His healing hands to be upon her so that we could continue with the evangelistic event on the last day. Thank God that He granted restoration of her health so that our mission could proceed unhindered!

Then came Saturday when we shared the gospel through acting, dancing and hosting a game race. The kids were really difficult to handle as they were rowdy and had short attention spans which really tested our patience. We learnt in the mission trip on how much we were holding on to God and whether our motives were in line with Christ. We thank God that He really kept our hearts faithful to Him and we were really happy for those children who got to hear the gospel and those who received Jesus Christ as their own personal saviour. That was really why we were there for, to bring the good news to the people. Thank God for sending us there and back safely, what a privilege!

Of course, even in the trip itself, God really blessed our taste buds to taste many wonderful Melakan delicacies from having traditional Malaysian food to crepé cakes that were way cheaper as compared to here in Singapore and of really great quality!!

Coming back to Singapore really reminded us once again to be grateful for the position God has placed us in; especially in such a nice country like Singapore where we can share the gospel without facing intense persecution and have such good living conditions that we should really learn to appreciate. Most importantly, it was highlighted to me that sharing God’s good news should not just happen in big events like mission trips but also in our everyday lives; being witnesses of Christ in every moment of our lives with His wisdom and strength, all for His worthy glory.

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