How to prepare for the Upcoming Church Camp, even if you are not going! by Christopher Yong

How to prepare for the Upcoming Church Camp, even if you are not going! by Christopher Yong

church ampThe church camp is only 4 weeks away between the 11th to the 14th of June. If you’re an easy traveller you might have a few questions. However if you are a first time or anxious camper you may have many questions such as does the hotel provide soap/shampoo, what type of food will be served and when will I have rest and relaxation time?

A detailed briefing will be given on the 29th May and 6th June to provide you with all the information you need.

More importantly, from a spiritual perspective let’s plan to get the most out of the upcoming church camp – by being open to change by letting God speak to us. To do so requires intentional actions from us.

If you’re not going to this year’s church camp, why not pray for your brothers and sisters? Collect and share prayer points with those who are going so you too can be intentional in showing your love to your fellow brothers and sisters.

David Philips, a fellow Presbyterian from Australia recently wrote an article in and gave the following suggestions, to get the most out of the church camp:

• Who at church have you never spoken to? Prepare to have spontaneous conversations, to make new friendships and have a meal with them over the course of the camp. You could also keep an eye out for people who might be feeling left out and look for ways to include them. Why not start a conversation with our recent new Living Praise church members?

• When will you do your personal Bible reading? Plan to have personal time to reflect on what God is saying to you. You could also read the Bible together with another friend, putting into practice the 1-2-1 reading we learnt previously. If you know someone that is a new Christian, help them to understand what the ‘quiet time’ is and where everyone disappears to during this time. Use the time to pray about what you are learning.

• Get to know the small group you are in during the weekend. Spend time together and share what you are learning from the bible. Encourage and serve one another. • Have Fun during team activities such as playing games – but use these team activities to build friendships and create conversations that are spiritually encouraging.

• Get good rest. Don’t stay up late in Johor talking as that will make you sleep during the talks by Pastor Armstrong which is not a good idea. This may mean encouraging your room mates to turn-in for the night. At the same time, be prepared to sacrifice some sleep for a long, in-depth conversation with a fellow brother or sister.

The church camp committee is completing the final preparations for the church camp and our prayer is that God will open our Hearts to receiving His Word and helping us to mature as we seek to attain the fullness of Christ.

Chris Yong, on behalf of the Church Camp Committee.

NB. Tag all your church camp photos with #LPInsideout

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