Mission Impossible??? by Jessie Wong

Mission Impossible??? by Jessie Wong

Our church is involved in overseas missions yearly. Different groups have gone under different programmes and objectives. While there is hard work involved, there is also joy to be experienced, and hence some of us are committed to go on such trips. But there are some who are hesitant to be involved because they feel inadequate and are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Thus, to them, missions become “Mission Impossible”.

God has given us the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Verse 20 says, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” So there is nothing that we should be afraid of.

We would like to share the recent May 2015 mission trip to Kompongsom in Cambodia. The purpose of this trip was to share LP’s children’s programme with the senior theological students at the Kompongsom Bible School (KBS) and train them on how to use it for any ministry involving children. The team led by Jessie, comprised Kim Lee, Hui Wah, and Yok Song. All four are above 50 years of age.

We committed ourselves to go on the trip and booked the air tickets once the dates were confirmed. However, we were still hoping that one or two more members could join us so that there would be sufficient manpower to execute the planned programme. Initially no one came forward. Then to our surprise, God sent a young guy, Jonathan Yap who has no experience in bible teaching with children and involvement in overseas missions, to us. He was exploring an overseas mission’s exposure and hence he was keen to join the team. What a big and pleasant surprise! He fitted in very nicely as one of four group leaders needed for the planned programme and Yok Song was then able to focus on taking charge of administrative and logistics matters for the team. Regardless of the age gap, the “y” and “o” generations seemed to work well and in a harmonious manner. This is not by our own might or way, it is by God’s amazing plan! With God’s provision and strength it was made possible.

We spent the first two days training the KBS students, and on the third and fourth day, we ran the children’s programme in partnership with the KBS students at Cheung Ko Church in the village. We arranged with the pastor to limit the number of children as it was our first time running the programme at the church and we were faced with a number of uncertain factors – availability of space for activities, and weather conditions. We did not dare to take the risk of having too many children. The weather was humid and hot, with occasional rain in the morning and afternoon. Games conducted outdoors would then be inappropriate for the well being of the children. Eventually we had to keep all the children under one roof. The programme – story telling, games and crafts, was conducted in the church’s kindergarten. Thanks and praise be to God that many children and some parents (more than 100 plus) came to attend the programme.

Another divine arrangement God made happened before the trip. Jessie met a lady member of Hope church who was her partner on duty at the Good Friday children’s programme at the Singapore Expo. This sister in Christ was going with her team to KBS a week after our trip to conduct training for the same group of students, and as we pondered over whether to combine efforts with them so as not to waste resources, we came to know that their focus and objectives were different from ours. They were focusing on teaching children and classroom management, etc. As such there was no duplication of training for the two teams and the KBS students benefited from the best of both aspects of ministry to children. Was it a coincident that Jessie met this lady??? Thanks be to God, both churches did the training differently and it benefitted the KBS students.

This round, unlike the other trips in Cambodia, we all felt it most fulfilling because amongst other things, we could communicate with the KBS students better as their English language proficiency was quite good. As there was no language barrier, teaching them was much easier for us. We were encouraged by the students’ keenness and willingness to learn, their humble spirit and their show of initiative in doing things. What was most encouraging was the KBS students’ feedback that they found our training useful. For most of them it was their first time being involved in a children’s programme. We pray that they would be able to organise such programmes for children in the near future.

We praise God and are thankful for His grace, wisdom and guidance that enabled us to carry out every task in an orderly and smooth manner. All glory to Him!

Dear brothers and sisters of LP, if you are willing to go on mission trips overseas, trusting God for his guidance and help, you will be able to do it. For a start, you could share the gospel with non-Christians in Singapore using “Two ways to live” or be involved in an overseas mission trip. I believe that you will find that the ‘Mission Impossible’ will change to “Mission I’m Possible”.

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