New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

by Kelly Loh

I was born into a Buddhist family. I had no clue what “God” was all about, but I believed that “we are not alone”. I remember my grandma and my mom would burn joss sticks and prepare offerings on the altar. They would pray, though I never knew what they had prayed for. To me, praying was like making a wish. I didn’t feel any kind of connection with their beliefs.

One fine day after school (secondary school), 2 girls from Youth For Christ approached me and shared with me the gospel. They had touched on facts that had been found about Noah’s Ark, cracks in a mountain where Jesus would allegedly set foot at the Second Coming, and how the word “Internet” would add up to “666”. I was fascinated and, at the same time, felt a sense of calmness in my heart. I believed right away that God exists.

Out of curiosity about my newfound faith, I began attending church with a couple of friends. I found it hard to concentrate during sermons and would often fall asleep. Not long after, we decided that we’d much rather just hang out and therefore stopped going to church.

Years went by and I led a carefree life — a life that satisfied only my selfish desires. I had turned my back on God and made many foolish mistakes along the way, but it wasn’t until one grave mistake that I almost ended my own life. I was so consumed by fear, it was suffocating me.

I dared not hope… and began to pray fervently with a true heart of repentance. I didn’t know what to expect but just kept on praying, seeking His forgiveness.

Praise the Lord, my prayers were answered! The dire situation got better and I was able to move on. He had opened another door for me, provided me a way out. He had forgiven me for what I’ve done. It was a painful experience but I had learned a great deal from it. I pray regularly because I know He hears and answers our prayers. I’ve learnt to humble myself before the Lord and commit all worries to Him. Every day, I try to be as Christ-like as possible, which I find it extremely difficult sometimes, especially when my son is pushing his boundaries. Or when my husband throws me a wet blanket, saying God doesn’t exist. My Christian life isn’t smooth-sailing – I get knocks and bumps along the way. But having been through that terrible time, I know I shall not lose my faith, for God is ever so patient and merciful.

Lately, a close friend of mine, whom I’ve helped bring closer to God, was baptised. Shortly after, my sister too. THEN it hit me — what am I waiting for? Why haven’t I got baptised even though I’ve believed in God all these years? It was a wake-up call for me.

I began searching for a church, the right church, to commit myself to. Taking our plan to move to Bishan into consideration, I found LPPC.

Being a noob about raising godly kids and teaching them Christian values (my son goes to church kindergartens because I’m plain hopeless about guiding him the Christian way!), I was glad that LPPC has affiliation with KCPPS. Moreover, LPPC offers Mandarin service and that’s perfect for me to bring my dad to.

Despite these positive points, I had to recce the church myself (well, with my son too). To my pleasant surprise, my son enjoyed the Sunday School. And I, too, felt comfortable fitting in. Everyone is warm and welcoming. I also like how they have thoughtfully planned and organized their programmes on Sundays.

I’ve found what I have been looking for. I hope to grow with LPPC and I pray that my loved ones will too.

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