New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

by Angeline Seah

Since young, I (Angeline) have always loved listening to Bible stories in my non-Christian school. At that time, a music teacher was bold enough to tell us Bible stories in her class. I enjoyed her class and wanted to know more about God. During a P5 camp, she shared a gospel tract with me and asked me whether I wanted to accept Christ into my life. I replied ‘yes’ without hesitation and said the Sinner’s Prayer with her. Why I did that so instantly, I do not know. But I know I am a sinner who lived life my own way without God, like telling lies to my parents and being disobedient to them. I did not want to be on the other side of the bridge without God and face eternal condemnation. Coincidentally, this teacher appeared at my aunt’s housewarming one day and met my parents who are non-Christians. She asked them whether my brother and I could go to Sunday School. My parents agreed as there was transport provided, and there began my journey of discovering more about this God through Sunday School songs, Bible stories and memory verses. I know God is the amazing one orchestrating the whole chain of events in my life. I still remember that the first verse I memorised as a kid at Sunday School was John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God became even more real in my life as my parents accepted Christ during one of the outreach events at my aunt’s church. My parents and I were baptised together when I was in P6. I always looked forward to Sunday School and Youth Fellowship in my teenage years. Those were my early years as a young and enthusiastic Christian, where I faithfully memorised the Bible verses and did all my Bible studies without fail. I started joining Campus Crusade for Christ in school and would often go for lunchtime outreach to evangelise to tertiary students. I was later on followed up by a senior in church who was from Youth For Christ (YFC), where I subsequently spent my holidays in youth camps and street evangelism using the gospel tract “Bridge to Life”.

As a young adult I went to Sydney to study at UNSW. Sydney always holds a special place in my heart as this is where my husband and I first met. I found a Christian group called Fellowship of the Overseas Christian University Students (FOCUS) and continued to be involved in evangelism through lunchtime talks at Campus Bible Study (CBS) and discipling work with young Christians. My husband, John, was a non-Christian then and subsequently accepted Christ through one of the church workers at FOCUS.

We had lots of fond memories in Sydney where the FOCUS students closely bonded through Sunday lunches, Friday overnight gatherings at Mun & Mae Leen’s place after Bible studies, board games and chilling over coffee and cakes. Not forgetting our weekly tennis sessions on Sunday after church. It was simply a perfect display of heavenly gathering with God, our Abba Father, and Him watching over us.

God in His perfect timing brought us together as a couple when we returned to Singapore. Almost the whole bunch of our friends came back and settled down in ARPC. We followed suit and were married in ARPC, where we served Him together.

Fast forward to today: we have 3 kids (6, 8 and 10 years old). God has graciously led us to LPPC where Mun & Mae Leen are, through one of the ex-FOCUS gatherings last year when we were looking for a nearby church. God is good and gracious to provide many wonderful mummies and daddies who have shared their parenting advice and stories with us, helping us to find strength and wisdom along the way when parenting challenges arise. We hope in turn to be a blessing as we share our lives and stories with the LP family.

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