New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

by John Teo

I first encountered christianity when I was about eleven. My father started going to church after he was diagnosed with kidney failure. At that time, he was rather weak but insisted to attend church services and bible studies weekly. So I tagged along and attended church with father. Church members whom I called them Aunties and Uncles starting sharing the gospel with me, but I didn’t really take it seriously. Just another seat warmer on every Sunday morning.

When my father passed away, I stopped going church totally. I remembered one of the church members was very persistent. She kept calling every week to ask me to go to church. My impression then was christians are annoying and persistent, very hard to shake off. Finally, her calls stopped after many months of rejection. I continued living life my own ways, still angry over why my father had to die so early. Question like “since God is so powerful, why didn’t he help?” cast more doubts about God. My secondary school days were tumultuous: vandalism, truancy, but memorable memories. Very trying times for my mother. Maybe God is watching over me, nothing disastrous happened.

After national service, I went to Sydney, UNSW to study. My roommate invited me to church. Since a newbie in Australia and plus I have spare time, I agreed to go. This was my first church service since my father’s passing. To my horror, I met this UK student (I can’t remember his name now) who was very pushy and eager to share the gospel. What a way to experience christians again! And to shake him off, I prayed the sinners’ prayer with him, also knowing he was going back to UK soon.

Unknowingly, this prayer triggered off a series of life changing events. With no/little social distraction in Sydney, I started to think deeper on what christianity is all about? And why father in his dying breath insisted to go to church? Why are christians chasing after this man Jesus? Thanks to many friends in FOCUS, they helped and guided me to find my answers in Christ. Using several study materials, like “Back to Basic”, “Simply Christianity”, ”Just for Starters” and weeks of meeting one to one, I came to realize who Jesus really is, what He has done for us on the cross, how wretched I was and how undeserving I am. Another amazing thing is all those who followed up on me became pastors 🙂 God has a way to plant all these people in my life who has impacted me greatly to become a man of God.

Looking back and ponder, God is indeed an amazing and mysterious God! He led me every step of the way and uses the negative christian impression in my earlier days and caused a stir in my thoughts which ended up in me seeking Him. In my university days, God didn’t just give me salvation to walk alone, He also gave me my then girlfriend who is now my life partner and wifey to journey together in our christian walk with God and serving him together.

After uni, we returned back to Singapore and attended ARPC as many of our uni friends went there. We got married and have 3 kids, Charis (10y), Joseph (8y) and Asher (6y).

We came to LPPC last July as it was closer to home and also we know a few friends like Mun and Mae Leen as well as Pastor Yuk Yee and Karen. Our children have settled very well in the children’s church and making many new friends. More importantly, we find God’s word being preached faithfully in a community of godly christians, encouraging and spurring each other on in their walk with God, open to share each other’s struggles in life and praying for one another.

We are excited to join LPPC as a member, to stay committed and to serve in building up the church.

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