New Member’s Testimonies

New Member’s Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

by Kenny Lok

“It was during such dark days that the light of God shone the brightest…..                 giving us guidance on how to walk out from this dark valley in our life.”

Since childhood, I enjoyed a lot of freedom which my parents had given to me. I was free to pursue my own education and later on career without as much as a question from them or anyone. Even though there might be times of difficulties, I always just followed my own way and managed to get through those with relative ease. I had this belief very strongly fixed in my mind – “things will always turn out fine”. I developed a very relaxed and carefree attitude to life. There wasn’t anything my own ability plus a bit of luck wouldn’t resolve.

Life changed dramatically after I married Susanna. Suddenly I had someone who was heavily dependent under my care. Being the “carefree” person that I was, the ups and downs of life were something to live through and “things will always turn out fine”. But to Susanna, who had lived a relatively sheltered life until then, such a roller coaster life was probably the scariest experience she had ever had. Worst of all, I was totally insensitive to her anxiety and even termed it irrational. To cope with her own worries, she made many demands of me. These kinds of responsibilities were not what I was accustomed to but I agreed to all, no matter how difficult some of them were – having full confidence in myself and being true to my own motto – “things will always turn out fine”.

Well, things didn’t turn out as fine we needed. The truth was that the situation wasn’t really bad given the circumstances, but just not fine enough to fulfil the promises that I had made. Instead of opening up to discuss things with Susanna, and probably because I could not swallow my pride, I lied about the situation and in the process accumulated a considerable financial debt. Before those days, never had I seen the “luck” that I had as blessing from God; or the ability of handling problems as a gift from God. Instead I chose to believe in myself with a false blind belief that “things will always turn out fine”. My pride also got in the way of truly resolving the issue. So instead of building up security for Susanna, I destroyed it.

It was the dark days of our life and marriage. I must say we came close to losing both. It was during such dark days that the light of God shone the brightest. We started to go to church without any real expectation. But every time we went, the words of the pastor were like personal messages from God in pointing out our mistakes and giving us guidance on how to walk out from this dark valley in our life. This happened not just once, but too many times to ignore. We finally accepted God into our life and repented, realising that to continue to live the way we used to, relying and following our own way, was heading to disaster and a dead-end. We would never have peace and security. That marked the beginning of our journey towards understanding of God, His gospel and salvation. Learning to submit ourselves to God’s Will rather our own will; putting our trust in Him, rather than relying on our own petty self; building security on faith in the Lord rather than any earthly assets. We joined regular Bible classes and finally got baptised back in Easter of 2010 in North Point Alliance Church of Hong Kong.

Now, 5 years later, we find ourselves relocated to Singapore. One of the most important things to do was of course find a church. We visited a Cantonese-speaking church as a start. While we enjoyed the comfort of gathering with fellow Christians who speak our own mother tongue, we felt that it’d be beneficial for our children to grow up in an English-speaking church in order to truly fit into the local culture and society. That’s why we started to look for a church in the neighbourhood and were pleased to find Living Praise Presbyterian Church within walking distance. LPPC gives me a very warm feeling because of its close and family-like atmosphere which is quite different from other churches we went to before. I still remember the first day I came to the church after making a phone call to inquire about the exact time of the worship. I was greeted by a number of Elders who addressed us by name! They were expecting us! And during as well as after the worship, a string of brothers and sisters came to me not just to greet me but started to introduce fellow brothers and sisters who had some Cantonese or Hong Kong background. The church made such a great effort to make us feel welcome and comfortable. I must say I was impressed and encouraged, feeling that it is such a blessing from God that we have found the right church in just our second attempt and at such proximity to our place as well. We strongly believe this is where we can continue to grow as Christians in this new phase of our life in Singapore.

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