New Members’ Testimonies by Adrian Widhi Nugroho

New Members’ Testimonies by Adrian Widhi Nugroho

What my life was like before I became a Christian

I grew up in a Christian family and was taken to church from a young age. However, I think of myself as a man of science. To me knowledge and logic were very important; everything had to be proven by facts and figures. I didn’t even believe in heaven and hell because it didn’t really make sense to me. For me life was just a flow of energy and at the end, everything would cease to exist. To a certain point, knowledge and logic were my idols and I really pursued these attributes.

What my life is like now that I’m a Christian

After I became a more mature Christian, I am still logically driven, but I have accepted the fact that there are certain things in life which are beyond the human mind. There are things hidden from us, and only when God reveals them to us, then we will gain more understanding about life. I still cherish scientific facts, but above that, I acknowledge that God is the source of all knowledge and one day in heaven we will inherit perfect knowledge from Him.

How that change came about

I accepted Christ as my God and Saviour a few days after I joined a cell group during my university days. I was challenged by my cell group leader and he shared the gospel with me. One thing which struck me was the concept of “gambling theory”. If you do not believe in heaven and hell, and one day you die, there are only 2 possibilities: you cease to exist or you go to hell – this is a draw vs lose scenario. But if you believe in God, there are 2 possibilities as well: you cease to exist or you go to heaven – this is a draw vs win scenario. This concept challenged my logic, and along with time, I grew together with my cell group members and came to know more about God’s love and great works in our lives.

How I came to be part of LPPC

Last June, my wife and I bought a house in the Bishan area. We were actively searching for a nearby church where we could grow together and serve the community together as a family. So when we did our research, we found LPPC through the Internet. We decided to give it a try, and before we knew it, we grew fond of the people in the church and decided to join the membership class.

Some things that I like about LPPC

I really enjoy fellowship with the church members; they are very friendly. In fact, when they heard that we have just moved to Bishan, they shared a lot of information about living in Bishan, nice places to eat, and other useful things about the neighbourhood. The church members are very helpful. When we decided to join a small group, they helped us actively and followed up every week until we could find a cell group where we are comfortable. Of course there are other factors, such as the free lunch every week, the second part of the sermon where we have our meal and sharing, and many things which we couldn’t possibly mention. But in general, we are very impressed with the warmth and hospitality which we receive from church members here at LPPC.

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