New Members’ Testimonies by Cephas Ong

New Members’ Testimonies by Cephas Ong

 Background- How I came to know about Christ

As most of you would know, I was born in a Christian family. My parents, Richard and Gloria, brought me to church religiously and held weekly family devotions. I was blessed to be immersed in a strong Christian community from a young age. Besides LPPC members, most of my family friends and extended family were Christians too and I would often find myself immersed in healthy conversations centred on Christianity. These created a conducive environment for me to find out more about Christ and slowly strengthened the foundation of my faith. So that’s how I came to know Christ, but in all honesty, knowing and believing are two separate things. So was I really considered a Christian then?

My struggle

Being born into a Christian family had its disadvantages, notwithstanding the benefits which I mentioned above. Unlike many 1st generation Christians, I did not have a dramatic calling which marked a sudden turn in my life. On the contrary, the Christian life seemed more like a rite of passage, chosen for me by my parents. (Disclaimer: My parents are in no way at fault for this situation. It’s an issue most 2nd generation kids will probably have to face growing up.) Sadly, this resulted in me taking Christianity for granted. I knew Jesus intellectually but not in a spiritual sense. Comprehending how precious salvation is becomes difficult when it seems “prepared” for you. My family prescribed the rules and all I had to do was just to conform routinely. In essence, Christianity was more of a religion than a relationship to me.

My belief

It was only when I turned 15 that I started becoming more serious about Christ. Education taught me to think critically and I started challenging the many facets of Christianity. Given that this religion entailed lots of sacrifices, if it were a hoax, I wanted to find out as soon as possible! Ironically, this process somehow deepened my relationship with God. Slowly I was convinced that the Bible was true. Most of the doctrine flowed logically and the minor doubts which I had seemed peripheral to the main message. This pursuit of truth sparked new life in my Christian faith. As I continued to search and reflect, I discovered more about God’s character and realised that He was present at every juncture of my life. Feeling grateful, this process gradually strengthened my relationship with Him.

But being intellectually convinced wasn’t the end of my belief. True belief entails trust — trust so deep that it compels one to act even if it comes at a cost. A person who really believes in the value of exercise will take time off from his commitments to exercise, no matter how busy he is. Likewise, a Christian who really believes would continually strive to embody godly values. This however isn’t easy and is something that I am currently struggling with. It’s easy to be a Christian sometimes but glorifying God ALL the time is tough. Still, I take comfort that God has promised to provide the strength to trudge through this difficulty. I constantly remind myself that every sin I push away draws me closer to God.

The Way Forward

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I hope to serve God in a greater capacity. Once I’ve settled down at work, I intend to help the church in its various ministries. Knowing how much I’ve benefited from LPPC, it’s only right that I pay it forward and help other members develop closer relationships with Christ. On a personal level, I will continue to deepen my knowledge about Christ and aim to live a life pleasing to Him. For today, as I get baptised, I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness. On top of the many individuals who have been instrumental in my walk with Christ, I would like to thank God for His love and patience. Hopefully, I will continue to glorify Him in all that I do for the rest of my life.

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