New Members’ Testimonies by Christopher Yong

New Members’ Testimonies by Christopher Yong

I grew up in a home that had a mix of Buddhist and Catholic symbols. My mum put me into Catholic scripture in primary school (1 hour a week set aside to religious teaching). Through this, I learnt some principles about Catholicism but also felt excluded as at Christmas and Easter I would watch those who had been baptised take communion and then walk into a booth for confession.

Who was God? God to me through my primary to secondary school was a God of convenience. I had belief in God. But what did it mean? It only really meant that around exam time that I would pray to ask for help to get good exam results.

However it was in my university days that I had Christian friends who dragged me to lunchtime talks on Christianity. At lunch time a man would take us through ‘two ways to live’.

However much I could see that God is real, I could see that to be a Christian required commitment and to not follow your own desires. How could this be compatible with “working” and “being established.” Don’t I need to achieve status and wealth by society’s standards first. Only then could I have time to be a Christian, so I decided to defer this decision to later time.

At university, I dated a Christian and she would tell me to become a Christian…but she couldn’t change me. Through this period, if I attended church, I would aim to sit at the back and leave as soon as the service was over.

After all, I needed to keep a low profile and avoid Christians coming to speak to me. After I started working I had a couple of changes in my life (broke up with the girlfriend and felt a general emptiness) and I was moved to re-consider Christ. I was nowhere close to being established nor having reached any milestone of wealth.

One day, I asked a work friend to take me to a Bible study. From there, I realised I needed to be amongst and to make Christian friends. I made a commitment to myself stay behind after church and fellowship with others. I got involved.

I became a Christian in 2000 and was baptized in 2001. God convicted me of my sin. God sent Jesus to die for my sins. I cannot live my life seeking my own desires.

As a Christian, I live a contented life. Blessed every day with my wife, with my children, a Christian community to be amongst in Singapore. He blessed me with Christian friends that help me to transform my way of thinking. He has blessed me with challenges that affirm my faith including the near death of my father (that teach me to rely on Him and not on myself).

Let me share with you my favourite verse: 1 Timothy 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.”

In 2014, my family moved to Singapore and we found Living Praise via Google. The church welcomed us in and we made warm friendships. We’ve since been to a church camp, joined fellowship groups and played more sport than ever before on Family Sundays. We thank God for giving us a spiritual home here and allowing us to be part of the Singaporean community in spite of our lack of Singlish.

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