New Members’ Testimonies by Cliff Lau

New Members’ Testimonies by Cliff Lau

I came to this world in the ‘60s as the eldest son of a grass-roots family in Hong Kong, where my parents rented a bedroom of a shared walk-up apartment for the whole family to live. I am very grateful that I have a loving mother who looked after the family very well and also worked very hard as a full-time school teacher with multiple part-time jobs on top. This helped the family progress over the years which had allowed all her three children to have tertiary education.

Since my young age, my mother had influenced me a lot in my view and purpose of life – I had gradually built a strong belief that various goals in life can be achieved as long I worked very hard on it. When I came out to work after my university study, I had subsequently become a workaholic in my mid 30s while I was getting my promotion on a fast track …

However soon after I entered my 40s, I realized that lots of uncertainty and surprises in life were actually out of my own expectation and control. That had made me wonder who really mastered my life and the purpose – the answer was later found when I came to know Jesus in 2004 and had decided to follow Him. I was then baptized in Dec 2007.

After I became a Christian, the first big change in me was that I became a more optimistic person as I can always pray to God whenever I feel stressed. I also have a new platform (prayer) to help my children to ease their worries. However, I also realized that baptism only marked the starting point of my spiritual journey. It requires me to put in more time and effort to know God and to do His work in order for me to grow spiritually. By God’s grace, I had the opportunity to invest more time in my spiritual growth in the last two years after I left a stressful bottom-line driven job in a big multi-national corporation.

I began to put GOD at the centre of my marriage, family and work. With my wife Naomi’s support, I am learning how to take up more opportunities to do God’s work as a couple. At home, I am emphasizing more to my children the importance of fearing God and following His word in life. Finally, I am now less a workaholic than before and I understand the importance of linking each of my work achievement to God’s glory.

I started worshipping in Living Praise in 2013 right after I married Naomi who is a member in the church. The church has a very friendly environment and I enjoy the fellowship with brothers and sisters there. I am also impressed that all sermon topics on Sunday worship are very well planned in advance on a yearly basis. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed over the years to these merits in Living Praise !

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