New Members Testimonies by Cynthia Ong

New Members Testimonies by Cynthia Ong

Hi, I am Cynthia. When I was a little girl, my uncle brought me to my cousin’s Sunday school. At that time I thought I was a Christian until my Secondary school classmates brought me to a gospel rally where I learnt that Jesus died for my sins and I need Him as my personal Saviour and Lord.

My spiritual journey has been full of ups and downs, experiencing God’s miracles and protection.

One of them was my parents’ salvation. My father who was strongly against Christianity kicked up much fuss when he found out that my brother became a Christian. It was until one eventful evening when my brother and I, after much prayer, invited our parents to the Billy Graham Crusade. We were excited when my parents were converted that night and after which they started attending church regularly. Praise the Lord!

I also experienced God’s protection (Isaiah 43:2 was my assurance), when I was sent to the operating theatre for a surgery for an unknown lump on my neck. As there was no proper test and diagnosis, the surgery was cancelled at the last minute and I was brought out of the operating theatre without going under the knife unnecessarily. It was also God’s divine appointment that I met my friend’s father, a TCM physician during her birthday party. He recommended some Chinese medicine which I took for 3 weeks and lo and behold it was gone. Praise the Lord!

When I was young, I was timid, shy and had many worries in life. But now God has enabled me to put my trust in Him, to be bold to speak to friends and strangers about the gospel. Now I still have worries but I learn to give my concerns to God knowing that the Lord cares for me and He is an Omnipotent (All powerful), Omniscient (All knowing) and Omnipresent (All present) God. His promises are always true and His love unfailing. I am still learning to live in obedience as I journey on. All these years, I am very glad to know that my God who is holy and awesome and will not stand even a speck of sin; yet at the same time so loving and forgiving when we repent.

His provision was very timely too. About 11 years ago, when my family needed a flat urgently, God led us to an owner who needed to sell her flat quickly. After working out the details with the owner, God provided us the Bishan flat at a very discounted price.

Each experience has increased my faith in God more and more. He is always gracious and faithful to me even when I doubted Him and sinned.

I am not perfect yet – a “God’s work in progress” masterpiece, until the Lord comes back again.

All Glory and Honour to our God Almighty.

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