New Members’ Testimonies by Elaine Tan

New Members’ Testimonies by Elaine Tan

I joined Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church in 1993 but was baptised at Zion Bible-Presbyterian Church in 1999.

Regrettably, I lost my focus in Christian values as the years progressed because I became more career driven and was fixated on my goals in life rather; I lived for the acceptance of the world instead.  Although a part of me knew that He could save me if I just let Him in but I could not resist the material gains.

To-date, GOD still loves me despite my imperfections.

Moving forward to 2012 … we chanced upon Living Praise Presbyterian Church and as we really like the warmth extended by the church members and Pastor Foo in the past 3 years, we want to be a part of the LPCC family and to settle our daughter, Ixora Ivette Gan, in a Christian school when she is of age.

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