New Members’ Testimonies by Fabian Ho Mun Chong

New Members’ Testimonies by Fabian Ho Mun Chong

A zebra has white and black stripes… Water puts out fire… A guy like me would only believe in things that I could see, hear, smell and taste. Anything outside this I would deem non-existent. And from birth, my family and I have always been free-thinkers — never really worshipped or prayed to anything, but due to the traditions of past generations, we tend to visit Buddhist temples rather than a holy church. It never occurred to me that I needed to believe in a god or anything along those lines. I believe strongly that at that point in time, my life was pretty smooth. Other than what children commonly go through — failing exams, getting scolded, family quarrels and stuff like that — I would say that nothing really serious happened to my family and me.

But about 3 years ago, before I enlisted into the army, my family went through a rough patch. Many more quarrels were happening, especially regarding finances. Then, one of the biggest impacts in my life was the death of my biological father. Even though we had never been close nor talked much about life, he was a big part of me and my life. My best friend, Jon Sng, knows a lot about my family as I share with him my ups and downs. It was through him that I was exposed to Christ. He did try to bring me to church occasionally in the past, but I was definitely reluctant as I didn’t see the need to wake up on a Sunday morning – precious to anyone who loves to sleep in on a weekend.

I became more receptive when my life started crumbling, starting with the passing of my father and many more events afterwards, in my army life. I was posting about these things on Facebook during that time, and I believe that by God’s grace and plan, I was introduced and brought to LPPC. Mdm Soh Ai Bee, a member of LPPC, invited me to service one Sunday and that was the start of my journey with Christ. Mdm Soh Ai Bee was actually my primary school teacher, and that would also mean I was somehow a part of LPPC from the past! I was surprised at that point in time that she would suddenly talk to me. She showed care and concern, knowing that I was going through tough times and her best solution was actually to pray for me and introduce me to this church. Which landed me where I am today, a member of LPPC and most importantly a child of God!

One of the reasons I decided to accept Christ was because I lost a father in the earthly world and I have felt the pain of it. I was also in search of a father figure to fill this gap in my life. And after hearing and knowing how great our Father in Heaven is, by His Grace and mercy I was given a chance to call him Father and He drew me to him by letting me accept Him as my Lord and Saviour.

Since then, I have experienced many of His wonderful works in my life. Family matters are still not ideal but there are many things that I have observed and that have changed, which in the past would never ever happen. I could never imagine that a guy like me would take this leap of faith to trust in something that I have never seen, heard, smelled or tasted. But I believe that it is the work of the Holy Spirit that led me.

Sundays are now days I look forward to so that I will be able to attend service at LPPC and enjoy the wonderful sermons and friendly and loving people around. They are always there to welcome you at the doors of the chapel, befriending you whether you are new or regular, serving the most wonderful lunches of all, and always praying and caring for one another. Praying that as LPPC grows and works towards our 10-year vision, love among us will continue to grow too.

There are 2 ways to live: rule your life on your own with your human capabilities; or let Christ – the creator of heaven and earth, you and me – rule your life for you for your best benefit.

I choose to let Christ rule MY life. What about you?

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