New Members Testimonies by Gloria Djeu

New Members Testimonies by Gloria Djeu

My parents are not Christians; however, this didn’t stop them from sending me to Christian schools since Kindergarten. I can still remember I played the role of Mary (sitting still) holding a toy baby in my arms for my K2 Christmas Celebration.

I attended a Christian Primary school, I was blessed to have the chance to listen to Bible stories on a regular basis. Every morning during assembly time, we were taught songs, we read Bible verses and heard the gospel being shared. Over the 6 years, I got to know Christianity a bit better; I knew some of the stories, the gospel, but that’s all. It’s just a subject called “Bible”. The term or the place “Church” didn’t occur to me.

Not until when I went to a Christian Secondary school. Over the years, there were pastors who came to the school and preached to the whole school every now and then. I can still remember that one of the sessions really touched my heart. After the sharing, the pastor asked everyone to close their eyes (so that no one would feel embarrassed). He said that Jesus was standing right outside the door of our heart knocking, waiting for us to open our door and let him in. If we were willing to open the door, to raise up our hands. There and then, I raised up my hand and I let Jesus into my heart. That’s when I started to consider myself a Christian.

I remembered clearly that there was an occasion when I experienced God’s presence and protection in my life. I was asleep when suddenly, with a very clear and alert mind, I realized, I wasn’t able to move any part of my body – even my hands and my legs! In that moment of utter helplessness, I cried out to God and prayed to Him. God answered my prayer and I could move again.

In my family, Sundays are family days, and what we do is pretty standard. No meeting up with friends, but our family will go for lunch and go “yum cha” (did I mentioned I’m from Hong Kong?) with mom, dad and my brothers. Going to church was not on the agenda. In fact, I had no idea about what church is all about and I don’t even know where church is.

My first time attending Church was when I was in Secondary 3. One of my besties brought me to her church. I was overjoyed to be there every Sunday as I experienced the love and care of the many uncles and aunties in church. I began to attend Sunday school regularly. I even spent HKD200+ of pocket money to get myself a lightweight bible to carry around. I was also thankful that my parents were understanding and did not rigidly insist on our Sunday family lunch.

A few years later, my family and I migrated to US, and that’s when I stopped going to Church. I was overwhelmed and busy adjusting and getting used to living in a foreign country. With the language barrier, the familiar Scriptures/Gospels (which were in a different language) became foreign to me. I felt shy and didn’t know where and how to start going to Church again.

Another few years passed and I moved to Singapore with my husband. Church was still not on the agenda until we had our first child. As she grew older, I decided to send her to a Christian Kindergarten. There was a church beside by the Kindergarten and I started to attend Church again.

However, I didn’t know anyone there and had a hard time settling in. After a few Sundays, I stopped attending the church. However, I met Susanna who attends LPPC and she shared that people here are very friendly and nice (which is true!) I enjoy coming to LPPC because everyone is caring and welcoming. People come up to make conversations with me, introduce themselves and others to me and offer help when I look confused.

I enjoy coming to Living Praise to listen to God’s word and to glorify Him together with the big family here.

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