New Members’ Testimonies by Jaedon Tan Shen Yang

New Members’ Testimonies by Jaedon Tan Shen Yang

I have been attending this church from the time I was born up till today. Being blessed with parents who are Christians, I was raised in a healthy Christian environment. We would do devotions together, say prayers together before every meal and every night, and go to church every Sunday together. However, these became part of a routine, rather than a personal relationship with God. I ended up seeing God as someone there to grant my requests whenever I wanted something, forgetting to thank Him for everything I have been blessed with.

There was no distinct turning point in my life when I decided to truly follow Jesus, but rather a gradual realisation that being a Christian doesn’t just mean going to church every week. Instead, it is about our walk with God, building a relationship with our heavenly father. When I participated in youth camp in 2013, it dawned on me just how much grace God has given us, sending His son down to bear the punishment for our sins, so that we might be saved. Knowing this, I have become more serious about my faith, along with being more curious about the gospel. I am constantly reminded not to be a ‘Sunday Christian’, but rather to show God in me in everything that I do, every single day. I have felt more peaceful, relying on God for everything that I do, understanding that everything is in accordance to God’s will, and that he knows what is best for us. Even when things do not go the way I foresee them, I am assured that it is all part of God’s plan.

Being in LP for all my life, this church feels like one big family as I grew up seeing familiar faces. Seeing new faces makes the church an ever-growing family, with more and more brothers and sisters in christ joining this family. I have been blessed to have met many people both inside and outside of LP who are very encouraging and supportive of one another in our christian walk. Through this community we can all motivate one another to persevere in this journey.

I pray that our family in Christ will grow larger, with more people coming to know God and finding their security in Him. Praise be to God!

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