New Members’ Testimonies by Sarah Shen Wan Ting

New Members’ Testimonies by Sarah Shen Wan Ting

I was born into a Christian family and became part of LPPC when I was a young girl. I attended Sunday School and learnt to worship God. I also learnt about different Bible characters and sang songs every Sunday. I just attended church because I thought I had to, not knowing the real reason why. I knew this God I worshipped was part of my life but maybe because I was young, I never really put much thought or attention in my faith or thought about it.

As I became older, I joined LPYM in the midst of entering secondary school. We had regular Bible studies and I became more curious about what I was believing in and how it would actually affect my life. I learnt so much about God and His works, mercies and love through Bible studies in the past 4 years. I made my decision to follow God and surrender my life to Him in Secondary 1. Fast-forward a few years, I faced many challenges in secondary school and it was tough trying to cope through my studies and problems. I lost two of my closest friends in secondary school and I struggled with accepting it and also moving on. Many times, I felt so exhausted and I wanted to give up. Despite having so many problems, I felt God’s presence and in my heart, I knew that He had a plan for me and I had someone to trust and seek comfort in. With Christ in my life, I depended on Him in every aspect of my life. I changed my attitude towards many things. It also encouraged me to share the gospel with other people. Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, sure and steadfast.”

I now attend church regularly and I really enjoy the warmth and love that I experience every Sunday, meeting new people once in awhile and attending Youth fellowship. I also started serving in the worship team 2/3 years ago and it always serves as a reminder of the purpose I’m serving; which is God. It is quite incredible as I look back and recall how much God has worked in my life and provided me with people who has helped me grow in my spiritual faith.

I hope that as I continue to be a part of LPPC, I can continue to grow in my faith and spread the gospel as I serve and worship Him. I also look forward to grow by encouraging the people around me and as I continue my journey as a Christian, please pray that I will be able to be committed and surrender my life to Jesus every day.

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