New Members Testimonies by Teng Hau Wei

New Members Testimonies by Teng Hau Wei

I was born a Taoist/Buddhist. However, I became an atheist some time later. Once, I was a rebel against God, living for myself godlessly.

I shunned workers of God trying to reach me. In my vain pride, I disputed the Word with fallacies of science. Yet God still loved me and did not stop sending workers to reach out to me.

I was chasing after things that did not matter. I was lord of my own life, believing I could provide fullness to my own life. Chasing after haughty ambitions in vain, it came crashing down when things did not go my way. And God showed me the way.

My first experience with God was when I was in secondary school. As my Catholic secondary school had morning devotions, it somehow led me to borrowing a Bible from the library and reading it.

I came to know of a sovereign God I did not obey. I was indifferent to the consequences of sin and death. However, God brought me through a series of personal encounters in answered prayers.

About half a year ago, Jesus found me. It was God’s will that I surrendered my life to Christ.

Me, a sinner so unworthy of God’s love, yet Jesus redeemed me with his life. Now, I no longer live for myself but I live for God whose Kingdom is eternal.

I was invited to LPPC by Ariel Christian. When I first started coming to LPPC, they were going through the series “Six Steps to Loving your Church”. And I like LPPC because the people were showing what it means to love others. It is a loving church. Christ truly dwells in us!

Looking forward, I hope that my faith will endure the trials of life. And that through Christ, I will continue bearing fruits of the Holy Spirit, and that my life would be a living sacrifice pleasing to God till my last breath.

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