New Members’ Testimonies by Wong Wei Ting Natalie

New Members’ Testimonies by Wong Wei Ting Natalie

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you what kind of person I was before becoming a Christian. I came from a broken family. When I was in primary school, I suffered lots of academic stress and emotional trauma from my family. My parents did not get along. I heard shouting, screaming and quarrels every day. I had a bad temper and complained about almost everything that happened to me. I lived in a world of selfishness and sadness. My mum left home when I was in Kindergarten 1. She would sometimes come home and cook some lunch for me and my brother and leave after she was done. But whenever both my mum and dad saw each other, they would start to quarrel again.

3 years later, in Primary 3, I started to mix with bad companions. My dad was coming home late at night almost every day. My brother had his own friends and didn’t bring me along. I had been eating catered food for dinner since I was young, ironed my own uniform, looked after myself. That is when I started being rebellious. I learned to smoke, creating trouble with shop staff and ending up caught by the police and brought to Bedok Headquarters for a night. After that I was in counselling for 6 months. That lesson learned, I still went back to the same group of friends and got into trouble for fighting with another group. This time round, I was asked to go to Cantonment for questioning. I always went out late at night. Sometimes I didn’t even want to go home. I felt no love and care from my family.

Until one day …

My mum’s friend invited us to church. That is when I felt love from people around me. I felt the presence of God so much that I broke down in tears. I remember getting into the prayer line for healing, and as I was being prayed over I felt something in my mind give away. I fell onto my knees; it was as if a barrier in my mind had collapsed. I could clearly see that the way I had been thinking was not right, that it was the enemy trying to draw me away.

Slowly things changed. My parents divorced after a separation of 6 years. Both have now re-married. My dad was a strong Buddhist previously but now he’s a Christian who goes to church every week and helps out. I’m now living with my mum and step-dad. I’m blessed to have a very nice step-father who really treats me as his own daughter and now my 6-year-old son has taken my place. So my son became the priority but it’s okay because I know deep down his heart, my step-dad loves all of us. I know that God has new grace for me every single day, that I’m provided for and that he has planned ahead of me. I thought that life would be in shambles but I was wrong. God was always there for me. God sees you and you don’t have to explain anything. He will come when it is time.

I got to know LPPC through Serene Aw. Her daughter and my son are in the same kindergarten class. I remember my first day attending LPPC was last year’s Christmas celebration. I felt warmly welcomed. Everyone here was really friendly and I was surprised that they even remembered my name during my second visit. I love how friendly LPPC can be — when new people come, you find them out, welcome them, spontaneously invite them for lunch, find ways to help them and get to know them better.

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