New Members‘ Testimonies

New Members‘ Testimonies

New Members’ Testimonies

by Agnes Lee

Before I became a Christian, I went with my parents from temple to temple, worshipping many different “gods” depending on the occasion, need or problem. All these gods were either famous human “gods”, heroes of the past, or mythical characters. But none was able to secure my visit to their temples except when I had requests. I did not worship any “one fixed” god.

In the past, my definition of happiness was personal desires — satisfaction being my main concern. I was never anywhere near God or Jesus Christ all my life, as no Christian had seriously shared with me the gospel of Christianity. I was a so-called “free thinker”, drifting from one god to another, depending on my personal needs. My life was meaningless as I had no objective in life, merely wasting my time indulging in physical enjoyment, without God to lead or guide me. I was very self-sufficient, never really feeling the need for God. Then my cousins shared the gospel with me; what caught my attention at that time was Jesus, a perfect sinless man, a complete stranger, who died for me and carried all my sins. I am forgiven for all my sins no matter what I have done wrong in the past.

Around end-2014, I was seriously troubled. Things were rough, work was slow, my relationship with my teenage daughter was tense at her rebellious age, and the third occurrence of my sister-in-law’s brain tumour was a big worry to me and my family. I was so lost, with no one to talk to, as these were very personal issues that I wasn’t prepared to share with outsiders, sometimes not even with my family members, because they see me as their “support” and I didn’t think I should burden them. Life was gloomy and depressing.

But after I said the Salvation Prayer on 14 October 2014, things improved gradually and sometimes even resolved on their own, although some big problems still exist, like my sister-in-law’s illness. She is now in her last stage, but I believe she has found peace and calm now that she has God too. I believe God has helped her by taking away her pain.

Life has definitely taken a drastic turn after I became a Christian! I feel renewed and loved by God. I had committed many sins in the past, but I am repenting now and with the mercy and blessing God has displayed in daily matters, I know I am saved by God’s grace! I feel that a new life is waiting out there for me, planned by God. It’s only a matter of time getting there, by faith, and I am sincerely looking forward to my new journey with God!

Never before has life been so clear and simple to me. I enjoy attending church services and reading the Bible. My greatest enjoyment now is saying prayers to God. I am now able to “focus” on only one God, not any God, but a fatherly living God! My life now revolves around wanting to get closer to God, always praying to God to take charge of my life so that I will not commit further sins, so as to be able to walk righteously with him. I love talking to God every day, even about minor little things like having a safe journey when I drive, because I can feel His presence, answering many of my prayers no matter how small. God now lives in me. Although I never openly expressed to others my feeling towards God, I always think how my life would have been much better and more meaningful if I had got to know God much earlier instead of simply wasting my life all these years going after unnecessary desires. Peace and eternity with God is now my ultimate destination.

Joining LPPC

I live in Toa Payoh but my cousin and I used to attend Katong Bethesda, as another cousin was an elder in the church. However, my cousin, a new believer like me, was not able to adapt to their style of preaching, and the church service at 8.30 am was too early for me. Right after Chinese New Year, my cousin’s friend recommended LPPC and we have been attending the church service here since then, except when I am not able to make it because of viewing appointments as a property agent. I am a very new believer, and at this stage I am still hardly a part of LPPC. But I want to become part of LPPC and I am looking forward to being able to contribute more to LP life in the near future.

I like the service time of 11.30 am, the location, and convenient parking. Most importantly, the services are great! I enjoy the lively atmosphere and warmth of fellow Christians — the feeling of family getting together. I am looking forward to enrolling in the Discovery Bible class as I love reading the Bible and want to have a better and deeper understanding of it! I am especially impressed by the various ongoing invitations to non-believers and activities that help spread the gospel in Kuo Chuan Primary School. Reaching the children at a young age will help them pave a future of walking righteously with God.

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