OPERATION MONDAY by Pastor Foo Yuk Yee

OPERATION MONDAY by Pastor Foo Yuk Yee

img_7357In my HDB block, you kind of know when it’s Monday. One of my neighbours living on another floor has been known to guide lost visitors, “You’re looking for the pastor’s flat, is it?” Others have remarked on the aroma of food wafting out into the lift lobby. Yup, Monday nights are a thing.

That’s because for more than a year and a half, Abigail, Andy, Immanuel, Jeanette, Jiaen, Jiajia, Joshua, Kelvin, Marcus, Matthew, Reuben, Shaoyu, Shawn and Shiya have gathered at my home on Monday evenings to share dinner and lives around God’s Word. We were taught by Elder Siew Heng and Michael tools to Dig Deeper into Scripture and were challenged to live it out daily wherever we work or study. We practised Bible-reading skills in a one-to-one setting, leading small group Bible study and preparing simple Bible talks. As a group we have also been a circle of support and encouragement in enjoying who God is, growing not only in knowledge but also in love, and getting to know one another better as we serve Him.

img_5863Last Monday was Graduation Night. All glory and thanksgiving to God! Here is what our graduates have to say about the experience of being in the group:

Andy:  Learning Dig Deeper tools and the exposition process helped me to see how there can be so much more to learn from the same Bible verse.

Jeanette:  The Dig Deeper sessions never failed to leave me mindblown – the tools not only helped me in my personal quiet time, but also came hand-in-hand with the Growth Groups series and helped me better prepared to lead the youths in Bible study.

Immanuel:  Going through Dig Deeper and one-to-one Bible reading helped me explore the Bible with better understanding (e.g. context, author’s purpose and timeline tools) and be amazed by how consistent (allusion tools) the Bible is. One-to-one sessions allowed me to learn from perspectives I may have missed in my own personal readings.

Joshua:  Learning how to read the Bible for myself, without the need to consult commentaries or other material has been the best thing I’ve taken away from this. To uncover the riches of God’s glory as we put in the effort to slowly make our way through the Word has been so rewarding. Doing it alongside someone else during our 1-to-1 sessions has also been such an enriching experience.

Shao Yu: I enjoyed how the training has been structured, learning to use the Dig Deeper tools and using them for various purposes of teaching and understanding the Word — for 1-to-1, preparing a Bible study and personal study. This training equipped us with the necessary tools for today and the future. These lessons learnt will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life.

Reuben:  This course has taught me that the Bible is more than a historical narrative, and that a divine author is behind it. Why was it written? The tools learnt helped us to understand the author’s intent through learning truths from the Bible and how to apply the principles in our current context.

Shiya: Through this course, I was exposed to valuable experiences (which I would never have attempted on my own) such as designing a Bible study and crafting a sermonette. You never know how hard it is until “forced” to do them! Being aware of the various Bible study tools, I am better able to appreciate the author’s intent and the various means by which the Word is preached or studied (Bible, Bible study materials, sermon etc).

Shawn:  The past 18 months have equipped me with tools for how to read the Bible for myself, to derive the big idea of a passage and from there the aim of it, how it applies to us today, culminating in applying what we learned to teach in groups or even the scary part of preparing and giving a short sermon. The fellowship together each week, be it in 1-1 Bible reading or prayers has been nothing short of rewarding and for me echoes the familiar verse of Hebrews 10:25.

Kelvin:  After learning the Dig Deeper tools, I am able to apply them to prepare the Bible study lessons during our 2-month ministry attachment. With these tools and the Growth Groups training, I am able to understand the Word better now.

Marcus:  The Monday classes really exposed me to many different things, from crafting Bible studies to giving my own sermon. Ultimately it has granted us trainees proficiency in DISSECTING the Bible as well as built much confidence in teaching God’s Word to others. One and a half years might seem tough to commit to but I guarantee you that the fruits will be worth it. So for those who are looking to delve deeper into the Bible, here’s a great step to take!

Matthew:  After one and a half years of Operation Monday at Pastor Yuk Yee’s place we have all been adequately equipped to serve better in the church. One of the learning points for me was the preparation of leading a growth group. It essentially requires us to utilise all the knowledge and training that we have gone through thus far such as finding out the central truth of a Bible passage. I look forward to serving alongside all the brothers and sisters in Christ in the days to come.

Jian:  Being able to make use of the Dig Deeper tools to read God’s Word for what it is has allowed me to enjoy His Word so much more. Growth Groups has also taught me that there’s so much more to leading Bible study than just answering questions — it is about guiding people to discover the Word for themselves, so they grow closer to God.

Jiajia (Grace):  For the past few years, Bible study for me was relying on the devotional materials and trying to answer the questions. The firsthand experience of crafting Bible study questions (observation, inference, application) and then leading a Bible study was a whole new experience. It also enabled me to be better equipped to answer the discussion questions during Bible study and read the Bible in context.

Abigail:  The training has benefitted me most in being able to prepare and lead my own Bible study, giving me more freedom from just using the materials. I’m also thankful for the people who have shared their lives with me and taught me perseverance from telling their stories of faith in everyday life.

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