Personal Reflection on Mission Programme at Kompongsom Bible School (May 2015) by Elder Sue Kim Lee

Personal Reflection on Mission Programme at Kompongsom Bible School (May 2015) by Elder Sue Kim Lee

This is my fifth mission trip to Cambodia and by far the most fulfilling trip that I can recall.

The joy is manifold. Firstly, it is so heart-warming to see that many young people (they are senior students) who have given their lives to God and are heeding His call, some to be pastors, others missionaries or even specifically to minister to children in poverty. Most of them are serious about their training at the Bible school and a number of them showed leadership potentials.

Secondly, I was most encouraged by their willingness to come forward to offer their assistance. On our first day with them we had slotted in a time of worship to start the day’s programme and we had planned for them to take charge of this segment but we weren’t able to convey this to them prior to our arrival. As a result we were a little uncertain of how we would proceed with the programme because none of us in the Singapore team felt able to lead in singing. To our pleasant surprise, when we asked for a volunteer to lead us in songs, without any hesitation, someone stood up and walked to the front with a song book in his hands. He led the singing in a way that seemed like a joy to him. There was no need for nudging, or elbowing each other to volunteer. What a blessing! It’s a lesson I take home with me. May God help me to be more willing and ready to offer myself for His Kingdom purpose and glory.

Thirdly, the execution of the children’s programme at Cheung Ko Church in the village in partnership with the KBS students was such a breeze. We walked through with the students on the Bible stories, games and crafts on the two days of training and preparation before we ran the programme at Cheung Ko Church. At the village church, these students took the initiative to play the key role while we played the supportive role as we originally intended. They were very self motivated and showed good teamwork. As a result, it was less taxing on us.

Last but not least, some of the students found the concept and model of the children’s programme helpful and applicable to their local setting. That was the most encouraging feedback. The whole experience brought about a deep sense of fulfilment in knowing that LP’s children’s programme could be put to good use by other churches beyond our shores to bring the Good News to children.

What a privilege it was for me to be a part of this experience. And it’s comforting to know that AGE HAS NO BARRIER in God’s Kingdom. I’m a full fledged senior citizen!! So YOU can be in God’s mission team as well.

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