Reaching Out From Katong….by Elder Kok Siew Hoong

Reaching Out From Katong….by Elder Kok Siew Hoong

Reaching out from Katong

Praise the Lord for Living Praise Presbyterian Church (LPPC) for God’s faithfulness in blessing LPPC all these years.

Praise the Lord for His leading and guidance for the pastors, elders and deacons and the growth of LPPC.

Praise the Lord for establishing LPPC 25 years ago and that LPPC is able to celebrate the 25th anniversary this year.

How it all began

In 1985, Presbyterian Boys’ School (PBS) and Kuo Chuan Girls’ School (KCGS) merged to become a co-educational full school which eventually separated into two schools comprising Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School (KCPSS) and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (KCPPS) The schools were spiritually nurtured by Katong Presbyterian Church (KPC). KPC could be rightfully regarded as the “anchor” church for these two mission schools of the Presbyterian Church.

In order to provide better facilities for the schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) allocated a site in Bishan for the schools in exchange for the sites of PBS and KCGS in Katong. KCPPS moved to Bishan in 1987 followed by KCPSS the next year.

How God provided a chapel

It is desirable for Christian Mission Schools to have a chapel building in the school site. But MOE does not build chapels for schools. When the schools moved to Bishan, KPC did not move with them. Yet, the affiliation of KPC and the schools continued. KPC started a worship service in the primary school, initially using the AVA room and then in the assembly hall for about three years.

20161228_124152In God’s good timing, the English speaking members of Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church decided to join the worship service in Bishan. The two congregations formally became a new church with the blessing of the Synod. The name Living Praise Presbyterian Church was adopted at a congregational meeting. (The congregation was then using a hymn book entitled Living Praise).

With the birth of a new church, members wasted no time in considering the need of a church building. Thank God that MOE granted permission for the building to be built in the primary school compound, over the plot of land where the basketball and net ball courts were situated. That’s where we are now. Praise the Lord! The church Session in co-operation with the Schools Board of Governors proceeded to jointly raise funds for the chapel building which cost only one million dollars! The chapel was completed in 1993 a year after LPPC was officially constituted as a full congregation (a merger of Abundant Grace and Part KPC) Although we did not have full time pastors in the beginning, we had a team of faithful elders and deacons leading the church.

That’s how LPPC was born. All praise and glory be to God who has blessed us so richly even as we just remembered the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who came to save the world and show us what love is all about. We continue to look to God for His leading and guidance in the New Year ahead. May God grant us His love and peace in 2017 and may we be found faithful to Him!


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