Sharing for Cambodia mission trip (25 May to 31 May 2015) by Elder Koh Hui Wah

Sharing for Cambodia mission trip (25 May to 31 May 2015) by Elder Koh Hui Wah

I give thanks to God for His grace, to have the opportunity to be a member of this mission trip team to Cambodia Kompongsom Bible School. It has been a busy period, from our first meeting in end-March, our ongoing preparations, to the actual trip itself. During this process, I had some inner conflicts, as it was not an easy time. While preparing for the trip, I also had to juggle my time between work and attending to my personal matters. However, our loving Father has plans for us, beyond what we could imagine and hope for. He provided us with wisdom, strength and faith in Him to help us. Let us learn to obey God and trust in His leadership.

During our service at Kompongsom Bible School, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, I was greatly encouraged by a group of young students in their senior year, who were genuine, warm, and humble in their learning.

In Cheng Ko Church, although the environment and teaching materials were lacking, this did not deter the preacher in her service. She served with great faith and joy. We also partnered with the Bible school students to serve in the children’s programme. We saw that the Bible school students were gifted in different ways. May God bless them so that when they graduate from their studies, they will be willing to give themselves to serve in various ministries and extend God’s kingdom, glorifying His name.

I am glad to have been part of the team together with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to learn, to partner and to serve together. Amen.

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