Testimonies – BBGB Enrolment 2015

Testimonies – BBGB Enrolment 2015

Testimonies – BBGB Enrolment 2015


— Josiah Lim, Best in P4

My name is Josiah Lim. I love BB because I have the opportunity to experience many fun activities and earn different badges. BB teaches me to be independent. I also learn skills such as knot-tying.BB also teaches me discipline through the drills we do. Most importantly, BB helps me learn more about Jesus. I have never regretted joining BB. 


— Matthias Lim Ze Xuan,  Best in P5

I joined BB because I knew I would have fun while learning values. I enjoy the time I spend with my squad members at each parade and after each parade, I always learn something new. I enjoy the annual camp and the many interesting activities. I remember one indoor rock climbing activity I took part in. When It was my turn, my squad members encouraged me and cheered for me. Although I did not reach the top of the wall, I felt very happy to hear kind and encouraging words from my squad members. I have learnt to be disciplined, responsible and steadfast. I learnt to be responsible and look after my own belongings. I learnt to be steadfast, to always keep on doing what is right. Being a BB boy has been an enriching experience.


— Teo Tze Shuen, Best in P6

At first I was unsure about joining BB but my mother encouraged me to join. I have not regretted that decision. I remember that to achieve our first badge, we had to learn some simple foot drill. After about fifteen minutes or so, I was sweating profusely. After the drill session however, I felt a sense of achievement. Some activities in BB are the Enrolment Service and our annual camp. I enjoy the camps very much because there are always many interesting and exciting activities for us. Enrolment Service is where we get promoted and get awards. BB is also a place where I can meet and make friends. I also learn values and skills such as tent-pitching and outdoor cooking. Most of all, being a BB boy has taught me to be independent. I am really glad I am a BB boy! 


— Kwok Fei, Primary 4

My name is Kwok Fei and I am from 4Diligence. I join Girls’ Brigade because I can make more friends and learn to be independent. I joined Girls’ Brigade when I was 9 years old and that was in year 2014. That year, I learnt that Girls’ Brigade was on the CCA list. Then, I asked my parents whether I could join and they agreed. When the first Girls’ Brigade parade came, my father drove me to school to attend the session for the first time. When I reached school, I felt really shy but the teachers told me not to be shy and encouraged me to start making friends. I followed their suggestions and I felt a lot better. I encourage all of you to join Girls’ Brigade! Thank you everyone! 


— Shannon Ho, Primary 5

I am here to share with you my testimonial on how the Girls’ Brigade has made me a different person. Before I joined GB, I was very irresponsible and relied on others for everything. Then, my mother wanted me to be responsible and independent. So, she thought of letting me join the Girls’ Brigade. At first, I thought that I would not like it. But after a few meetings in the Girls’ Brigade, I found that this CCA was fun and taught me a lot of values. One of the most memorable learning journeys I had was at All Saints’ Home. Even though those elderlies are on wheelchairs, they are always showing a smile on their faces. After the learning journey, I learnt how to communicate with the elderlies better. GB has taught me to independent, responsible, self-discipline and made me thankful with what God has given me.


— Teo Zi Ning, Primary 6

When I first attended Girls’ Brigade in Primary 3, I thought it was just about having fun. During that time, I was not a believer of Christ. Gradually, I realised that Girls’ Brigade was learning about God, making new friends and being a true leader. When I first started Girls’ Brigade, I had really little courage and did not dare to talk to other girls, let alone working with them.
 My seniors were Megan and Joni. They were really great seniors and taught me many new things. I never expected myself to become a squad leader and now, a mentor to younger girls. I have got to thank Girls’ Brigade. 
I learnt many things about Christ and have become a Christian through Girls’ Brigade. Girls’ Brigade has taught me values such as leadership and teamwork. I also learnt how to plan games for my juniors. The Junior Leadership Training Camp taught me the meaning of being a leader – to serve instead of being served.
 I am really sad that I have to step down from Girls’ Brigade from the second semester onwards. Although Girls’ Brigade took up my Saturday mornings, I love every session of Girls’ Brigade and enjoyed the time spent with the girls, Miss Janice and Miss Ang.
 I would love to come back and help in 28thP Girls’ Brigade in future. I thank God for the time in Girls’ Brigade and for giving me the chance to be a leader. I hope that the girls will be able to learn new things and become a true leader themselves. Girls’ Brigade has made my primary school life more enjoyable and happy.                                                      

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