Testimonies – BBGB ENROLMENT 2016

Testimonies – BBGB ENROLMENT 2016

MatthiasI joined Boy’s Brigade because I had heard a lot of exciting things about BB from my brother and another friend. My parents also encouraged me to join as it was a place where Christian values were taught. Through BB I have learnt the values of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness. Obedience is what I have learnt the most – from handing in a letter or a form before deadlines to following the instructions that the officers or teachers had given. I have also become more independent and respectful. I am really thankful to the teachers and officers for their guidance over the past few years. I used to be very mischievous and used to hang out with the wrong gang as I thought they were the cool kids. I was very disobedient and defiant and was not very cooperative towards my peers. Through BB, I have learnt to cooperate with others and to take care of others and myself. I have also learnt to set goals for myself and to try my best. I thank God that through my involvement in BB, I have become a more God- fearing Boy.

 Matthias Lim Ze Xuan


 Li ZhixinI joined the Girls’ Brigade as I thought it might be fun and wanted to find out more about what it had to offer. My elder sister, who was from Girls’ Brigade, would always come home after each session with a big smile on her face, all eager to share what she had learnt. Before joining the Girls’ Brigade, I used to be irresponsible, dishonest and sometimes late in submitting my assignments. There were even times when I was mean to my friends, but they did not take it to heart. Instead, they have loved me despite my flaws.  I think it is God’s special way of showing me that I have to be patient, loving and caring. The Girls’ Brigade has helped me to be responsible and to show concern for my peers who are in need.  I began to understand the meaning of serving others and contributing to the community. Since then, I have learnt to be responsible, to strive for excellence in everything that I do, to care for others, lead and serve others in a way that pleases God. I am very grateful to the friends whom God has planted in my life to encourage me in my life journey. I am excited about the camps and activities where I can get to interact with my fellow Brigade mates and earn badges as I gain more knowledge. I am thankful to God and the teachers for making me a better person.

Li Zhixin


teachersThe ministry of the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade is one that requires an investment of one’s time in the grooming of the young lives that are placed in our care. Be it officer, teacher or church volunteer, the time we spend with the Boys and Girls are precious opportunities where we demonstrate how Christ is working in and through our lives. However, such opportunities are made possible only because we have a team of dedicated teachers who spend their Saturday mornings alongside the officers and volunteers, ensuring that the Boys and Girls not only have an enriching but safe programme. Thank you teachers for your dedication!

Gerard Su

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