LPPC Advisory

Updated: 31 May 2020

LPPC Advisory:

Dear LP family, friends and visitors to Living Praise,

In line with the current measures put in place by our governing authorities, we will be doing our part as a local church community to curb the ongoing viral outbreak.

Our physical gatherings in Bishan for Sunday Service and church activities (Cell Groups, Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Young Adults) will continue to be suspended till further notice.

1. Video-Streaming of Sunday Services @ 1130am

Our English and Mandarin Services will continue to be streamed each Sunday. This will allow everyone to join our services online wherever they are and to participate in our worship and the listening of God’s Word.

2. Closure of Church Office

Our Living Praise Church Office will be remain closed in accordance with government advisory till further notice.

For pastoral matters, please contact Rev Foo Yuk Yee (Senior Pastor) @ 9182 1644.

For admin matters, please contact Mr Tan Lip Teng (Senior Church Manager) @ 9622 4659.

3. Cell Groups (Youths, Young Adults and Adults)

While we minimise our physical fellowship, we should continue our virtual fellowship with each other to read and study God’s Word in our individual cell groups. Virtual meetings using platforms like Skype or Zoom are a great way to continue fellowshipping, praying and encouraging one another. Regular worshippers are welcomed to be part of our virtual meetings. Do contact any of our pastors and we will be glad to help you to be part of a fellowship group.

Various cells may use different platforms for their meetings. Our Cell Group leaders will be happy to help anyone with the setting up./
Here are the virtual meeting platforms to help us:

Instructions on how to get Zoom or Skype to work can be downloaded here.

3. #LPisFamily #LPUnited

How do we continue to care and encourage one another during this difficult time? Here are some ways:

  • A Phone call or a chat over SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype or Zoom
  • Share a reflection or something you have learned from God’s Word, a thanksgiving or a prayer request
  • Download pictures with Bible verses here and send them to encourage someone today

May our loving Heavenly Father, help our families to know, love and enjoy Jesus by the power of his Spirit. Amen!

Covid19 Helpful Information

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