Meet and Know Us

Come join us

If you are new with us, we hope these pages give you a glimpse into who we are and what we are passionate about. But please don’t just take our word for it; let us invite you back again and again to really know us. If you have been with us for some time, you will have heard the repeated emphasis that our Lunch Fellowship is the second part of the service. Stay for lunch this week and every week. Get to know us; share your week, share a thought about the message, share a prayer, share in our lives as we serve one another. Give me a call and depending on which stage of the Christian life you are in, whether you are a seeker, new to the faith or an established Christian, we would love to welcome you into our Living Praise family.
We hope that when you join us you will not see church as a service that you attend, but a community of believers to belong to and journey God’s way with.

Belonging to the Living Praise Family

As we embark on our plans for 2015, we hope to grow closer as God’s family in Living Praise. That is why we have our second part of our service, our lunch fellowship. During the first part which is the main service, you are served by the musicians, song leader, duty pastor and preacher. Having been served, it is during our lunch fellowship that we as the whole Living Praise family is now able to serve one another as we eat, catch up and pray for one another.

This year we are hoping to build on this by introducing a 3rd part to the service. We are going to have a monthly sports and recreation day! Two of those days will be special Family Days where we will have an extended time playing games together. (This is like what we had for Camp Echo last year at our KCPPS holding school at Ang Mo Kio, for those of you who were there.) The first Family Day will be during our Annual Congregational Meeting. Our service will begin at 11.30am followed by lunch and our Annual Congregational Meeting. Then we will have games and end with dinner together as a family. The second Family Day will be on National Day, when we hope to invite our Bishan community to watch the National Day Parade with us, and feast on local Singapore delights together. Naturally, as we grow together, we hope that you will also spend time in fellowship with one another during the week, outside of Sundays and cell group meetings!

This then is where we are prayerfully headed as God’s church in Living Praise. We hope you will be blessed as together we seek to love one another and please Him more and more.