Ladies Prayer Fellowship

Ladies' Prayer Fellowship

The Ladies’ Prayer Fellowship (LPF) is a ministry of prayer and companionship. It offers opportunities to women to bless one another through mutual support and encouragement in their spiritual walk with God.
Through sharing on matters of the hearts of women or other issues and challenges that affect their spiritual lives and well-being, the ministry is indirectly building a network of caring friends and companions who could provide encouragement for each other when their spiritual journeys get a little bumpy along the way. Praying together is a strong reminder to look to God for help and rely on Him for strength to sail through life’s storms as women experience different seasons in their lives.
Meetings are held once a month. Women who participate in the meetings are strongly encouraged to uphold confidentiality on personal matters shared.
The ministry will continue to focus on creating opportunities for women to connect with one another and grow friendship bonds in the LP community; and to encourage and grow the prayer life of women so that they can support each other on their spiritual journeys and experience the glory of God in their lives and in the lives of those whom they bless.