Missions Ministry



  • August 12 (Mission Sunday)

Pulpit Preacher:

Afternoon Activity:

Venue: LPPC Fellowship Hall
Time : 2-4pm

  1. Sharing by Simply Mobilizing.
  2. Theology Behind Missions by David Walker.
  3. Mission Opportunities by Deacon Nguan Sen.

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Our team from Cambodia came back safely from their Mission trip in Cambodia! We thank God for seeing them through it. Below are some of the highlights of their trip!

As part of Living Praise’s ongoing ministry to Kompongsom Bible School (KBS) in Cambodia, a team of 6 church members embarked on a mission trip from 4 to 11 September 2017.

The team comprised Jessie Wong, Sue Kim Lee, Tan Nguan Sen, Koh Kim Tiang, Grace Tan and Nathania Tan. We went with the aim of imparting skills to the KBS students on how to plan and implement a children’s programme.

Over the course of 3 days, our team conducted training for KBS students, teaching them creative thinking, brainstorming and problem-solving tools, and how to share the gospel using the Wordless Book. The students were then assigned into groups to plan the children’s programme at the Oil Palm Church, with the theme Gift of Life.

The students shared with us that through this experience, they learned the importance of teamwork. They were able to showcase their creativity in presenting their ideas and worked enthusiastically in coming up with the final children’s programme, which was based on John 14:6, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

On the day of the children’s programme at Oil Palm Church, the 79 children in attendance exceeded our expectations of 30 to 40 children. We saw God working through the KBS students who led singing, played games, performed their skit and shared the message with the children. Initially, the KBS students had been fearful when tasked to share the gospel using the Wordless Book in small groups.

After they prayed, the Holy Spirit gave them the words to speak as they started to share the gospel. We praise God for the many children that responded to the altar call that day, who raised their hands to indicate their willingness to believe in Jesus,

The next day, our team set off for Kdat Village Church where we met with Pastor Kim San, a graduate from KBS who ministers to the village children.

Through befriending them, he teaches them the Bible and sings Christian songs with them. 14 children attended the programme organized by our team. We sang songs and through a game, taught the children that only Jesus can give eternal life. Thank God for the opportunity to minister to the children and encourage Pastor Kim San in his church building work.

Our team is thankful to God for the good weather throughout our trip, especially during the programmes. We were reminded that God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s resources. He provided enough open space for our programmes to be conducted and enabled us to buy the necessary materials for teaching aids.

Through the daily devotions conducted by Nguan Sen, it created an opportunity for the KBS students to share with us how God had spoken to them through His word, and to share their struggles and experiences with God. We praise God for the various opportunities for us to minister to the KBS students and the children of Kompongsom and Kdat village in this trip, for the fulfilling of God’s work and purposes.

Missions Committee

A new LPPC Missions Committee was formed this year in 2016. Our mandate is to educate church members on missions and promote active involvement by all members in missions and evangelism, with the goal of sending forth missionaries from LPPC. The committee is made of the following people (some of whom you might already know!). We hope that you will join us in our goal and mission and look forward to serving you!

LIVING THE MISSION - Living Praise for God's Mission

As we see the events happening around us in the world today (incidents of wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes), we must heed the warning given by Jesus in Matthew 24:4-8, that we are living in the end times. The task of world evangelization is never more urgent than now. There are still many places in the world where the gospel has not been preached and where no believers can be found.

In Matthew 9:37-38, Jesus said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.” The harvest belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are merely labourers carrying out the commands of our Lord. Will you rise up to the call and go forth to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Below are some of the testimonies from our very own in LP.

These are people who have been to short overseas missions trip, read about their experiences and if you want to find out more, why not approach them on Sunday! Or better still join them for their next mission trip!

Jessie Wong
This was my 2nd year to Cambodia Kampongsom Bible School (KBS). I looked forward to this trip and was filled with much excitement and anticipation of how we can serve God through this trip. I led a team of six members – Anthea, Kim Tiang, Kim Lee, Naomi, Yee Tiong and Yok Song. Our purpose for this trip is to train and equip the theological students in children’s programme at the Kampongsom Bible School (KBS). This is the first time that we have five Sunday School teachers who volunteered to come for this trip. God is good and faithful, He knows what we need and who to send for this mission trip.

When we reached KBS on the first day, it was so heart-warming to see familiar faces and so many young senior students. They were so enthusiastic, cheerful and willing to learn. They were good at leading songs and just sang from the bottom of their hearts in worshipping God. We arranged a time slot for them to lead worship for all the programmes. Kim Tiang taught them two new songs and they were able to learn them within a short time. They enjoyed the singing and were doing the actions. What a privilege it was for me to be part of this experience. Overall, I am thankful to God for such good team spirit, much laughter, teasing, food and fellowship with one another. Praise and thanks be to God!

I feel encouraged by the Komponsom Bible School students because they desire to know more about the bible, to improve in English and to teach people about God after their graduate. They were also eager to learn more about the children’s ministry which we shared with them. Although some of them face challenges understanding English fully or may not feel called to deal with children, it was heartening to see them working tirelessly and eagerly with us to run a programme for the village children at the Smach Daeng church. Overall, I enjoyed the mission trip even though I felt I contributed only in a small way.

Sue Kim Lee
For two years we had planned a 2-day training programme for the Komponsom Bible School (KBS) students. The schedule left us with very little time to get to know the students on a personal level.

Yet I was very impressed and encouraged by the group of seven students whom Naomi & I worked with on a bible story. I thank God for His mercy and grace in giving us very responsive and interested students who enjoyed the activities with the children at Smech Daeng Church. Although there were heavy rains and a flood at the village church, it happened after the programme was over. It has been a long time since I walked in ankle-deep water, and so it was a fun experience for me. I am thankful God for the bonus!

Anthea Gan
Why did I go for this year’s mission trip to Cambodia? Those who are familiar with me will know that I have a pretty tight work schedule. But I went to keep a promise I made last year. And I must say I did not regret fulfilling it.

The joy I saw in the Komponsom Bible School students (aged 15 to 28), despite their difficult and diverse backgrounds, brought me much encouragement. I wish to share what God has shown me through them in the following acronym for Kampongsom. I hope that you will share in this joy with me and reflect on the greatness of our Almighty God.

* K – Keen Interest in learning / kindness in receiving
* A – Awesome attitude that focuses on wanting to serve God
* M – Motivated to lead praises to God and wanting to sing cheerfully for Him
* P – Passionate in helping to meet the needs of each other
* O – Ordinary men and women in God’s extraordinary call to spread the gospel
* N – Never give up determination
* G – Gratitude to God and to people around them
* S – Son of God, Jesus is placed in the center of their lives
* O – Overcoming their fear of not able to handle young children
* M – Mercy and grace of God seen bestowed in their lives from the personal life stories they shared with us during our time spent with them.

Lastly, coming out from this trip, I would like to encourage anyone considering short-term mission trips – not to hesitate. For no matter how busy or inadequate we think we may be, if we wholeheartedly place our trust in God, He will certainly take care of our concerns, worries and anxieties in all we do or say.

Elvira has just completed 1 year of service in Japan with OMF in a university students’ ministry known as fmZERO, located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. We thank God for seeing her safely through it.

We thank God as well that in her time there, OMF was able to conduct chapel at Towa no Mori High School and Rakuno University, where 800 high school students and 600 university students had the opportunity to hear the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord! We praise God for the many responses they received from the students. Pray with Elvira that God will continue to grow the seeds that were planted, and that they bear fruit for His glory!

We give thanks to God as well for a smooth and fun fmZERO English camp in August, that deepened the relationships with the 11 students. The students were open in sharing their thoughts on friendship and family and heard of our gracious Heavenly Father who is welcoming us sinners into His family. Pray for the follow-up conversations with the individuals and for the planning of a follow-up event.

Pray for Elvira that God grants her wisdom for the future, and willingness to obey and choose the things that pleases Him. Pray for Japan as well that in this materially rich yet spiritually poor country, God, in His mercy and grace, will bring many Japanese to know Him and that His name may be rightfully glorified.

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