Resumption of On-Site Worship Services

LPPC is resuming physical services!

Dear LPPC Members & Friends,

We praise God that Singapore’s COVID-19 community infection rate has remained low and that the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY) has allowed all religious organizations to conduct congregational services for up to 100 persons, seated in two zones of 50. So we are very excited about resuming our physical services on 15 November.

  1. Resumption of Onsite Worship Services
    • English and Mandarin Services
      Commencing on Sunday 15 November at 11.30 am
      As only 100 persons are allowed at a time for worship services, we have, with permission from MCCY, allocated 30 persons (maximum safe seating capacity of Praise Hall) for Mandarin Service and 70 persons (seated in 2 zones) for English Service.
    • Livestream Services
      Given the limited seating capacity allowed we will continue to provide Online Services via Live Streaming to minister to the whole body of Christ.
  2. Registration for Services
    • As far as possible we want to encourage everyone and all cell groups to attend our physical services and go out for lunch in groups of five after the service. Cell groups will be assigned to attend specific services.
      • Registration for assigned cell groups will be from Sunday 2pm to Tuesday at 8am. An Eventbrite registration link will be issued weekly to the assigned cell groups. Please note that assigned cell group members are still required to register for service. 
      • Subsequently, registration will open to other members, regular attenders, newcomers, or visitors from Tuesday 8am to Saturday 6pm. The Eventbrite registration link will be issued to all cell groups and other members of the church via Whatsapp and through our website.
      • Anyone requiring assistance with registration can contact the church office at 62591943 during office hours for assistance.
      • Each person can register up to a total of 5 persons for his/her family and friends. This includes children and infants in arms. Please note that as part of our safety measures the creche room will be closed.
  3. On Sunday at our services
    • Do arrive after 11:10am. Please do not arrive before 11:10am to enable congregants from ARPC to exit the premises and to prevent intermingling between the 2 congregations. If you are driving you can park in the primary school car park.
    • Check-in using either the Trace Together (TT) app or TT token. If you are using the TT app, you are encouraged to mark LPPC as “Favourite” to expedite subsequent check-ins. Congregants may also scan SafeEntry using Singpass Mobile or QR code scanner.
    • Take your temperature via the automated temperature scanner. Please go home if your temperature is at or above 37.5°C
    • Present your e-ticket to volunteers for the QRcode to be scanned.
    • Proceed to either zone A or B as directed by the ushers
    • At the end of the service, please depart by zones as directed by our pastor and head out for lunch in groups of five.
  4. Safe Conduct of Services
    • If you are unwell please stay at home even if you have registered
    • Do not intermingle between different Zones and Services.
    • Congregants may sit in groups of 5. There must be at least 1m distance between groups.
    • No singing out loud (congregants to sing along in their hearts)
    • Congregants must wear a mask at all times.
    • If you need to go to the toilet, please observe 1m safe distancing. The maximum capacity is 3 people for the men’s and 4 people for the women’s toilet.
  5. Questions
    • Why can’t we just stay home and watch the Livestream via Zoom?
      1. We thank God for the technology that enabled us to watch our Sunday services and gather in a common virtual space via Zoom when restrictions were in place. However, for all its benefits, God’s ideal for the church is the physical gathering of His people to hear His word and to respond to Him in mutual love and encouragement of one another (Hebrews 10:24-25).
      2. Now that workplaces and other community spaces are open, may we as God’s people consider our physical gatherings and open churches a community witness, to God’s glory.
    • Why should we come for service even though we cannot sing or mingle in large groups?
      1. While we may not be able to sing and mingle in large groups, there is the opportunity to encourage others and be encouraged as we listen to God’s word together. Our physical presence fosters accountability and minimizes the distractions that otherwise compete for our attention. Our attentive listening mutually encourages us to be focused and engaged.
      2. We also suggest taking the opportunity to plan to have lunch in groups of five after leaving the service venue.
    • What about our other Sunday activities?
      1. There will not be any Sunday school or other activities conducted at this moment in the chapel and school premises. Our focus is to endeavour with prayerful hearts to conduct our worship safely, following the authorities’ guidelines.

Thank you so much for your patience, love, understanding, prayers, and participation. We look forward to the day when more of us can meet together again in person; exhorting and fellowshipping with one another in the Lord.

To God be the glory!