School Ministry

School Ministry

School Ministry
Living Praise (LP) has been ministering to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (KCPPS) over the past 20 years.

We support the school through our chaplaincy team that seeks to share God’s Word and their personal lives with the students, teachers, and staff in KCPPS.

The chaplains share valuable life lessons, reflections and thoughts from the bible and also their own stories to encourage and inspire students.

The Chaplaincy team also extends pastoral care to the students, teachers, staff and school parents wherever needed. We come alongside individuals to journey with them and to provide counsel and encouragement.

Besides reaching out to our KCPPS community, there is also our monthly Christian parents’ prayer meeting where we come together to pray for one another and the KCPPS students, teachers, staff, school leaders and stakeholders.

Besides extending pastoral care to the school community, the chaplaincy team also extends pastoral care to our LP Sunday School students who attend KCPPS.
A monthly get-together happens after our Sunday church service. This is the time when we eat together and have fun together. Our meetings seek to encourage our SS children who are in KCPPS to get to know one another and to show care and love towards one another – their classmates, teachers and those around them. Our get-togethers with the students and parents are also a good way of helping our school LP parents know and encourage one another.
The school ministry also works closely with the school’s Parents Support Group (PSG) by helping to organise programmes under Dads for Life (DFL). The DFL initiates healthy bonding programmes between parents and their children in KCPPS. It gives fathers a much-needed platform for spending time with their children. It also allows many fathers to get to know one another and build a parenting network for stronger family support.

Fathers from Living Praise whose child or children are in KCPPS are also encouraged to participate to bond with their children and also to interact with the school parents for the building of friendships and support.